The Lord of the Flies by Sir William Gerald Golding

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Lord of the Flies 4-6For this second reading log, the class had to read chapters 4 through 6 in Lord of the Flies. As I read, I was thinking how much this book is like the project that I had to do for world history. We had to make an island and describe how and what we would do to maintain peace and to keep everyone calm too. It was really hard to think of everything that was necessary to make an island become our home until we were rescued. I think that these boys are doing quite a good job for having to actually be stuck on an island with no parents or anyone older than 15. It must be really hard to keep track of everyone, not to mention the little ones who like to run off and go play. If I had to be the leader of that pack, I don’t think that I could have done that like Ralph is trying to do.

Again, I saw the major theme of this book pop out a couple of times. In my opinion, I would never be able to slay a pig just because of how sad it would be and how innocent the pig actually is. But, I think that Golding is trying to show that people will do anything in desperate times. Like people say, “Desperate times, call for desperate measures.” I think that this quote is actually very accurate because most people would do anything to survive in the wild.

In the beginning of the 4th chapter, the littleuns were playing in the sand making sand castles, then all of the sudden Maurice and Roger come and a make a point of ruining some of their castles. When I read about this, I could really relate to those little kids because all they want to do is to have fun and make sandcastles. Whenever my family would go to the beach I would always make a really big sandcastle and my brothers would help, and there would always be this one jealous kid on the beach and they would come stomp on it. I would cry and my mom would help me rebuild it but it wasn’t the same as it was the first time. Maurice and Roger could have easily stepped over or around the castles but they didn’t. That just makes me mad because these are little kids that haven’t done anything to them but they are just being mean. It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Another key event that seemed to poke out at me was when Ralph saw the boat and was sure that they would see the smoke until Simon points out that the fire had gone out. Ralph, Piggy and Simon hurry up the mountain but by the time they arrive to the top the boat was gone. When Ralph sees Jack hiking up the mountain carrying a pig carcass, he starts to yell at him for taking everyone from the fire and not leaving anyone to tend it. Even after Jack apologizes, Ralph is still mad. I don’t blame Ralph for being mad at Jack! He shouldn’t have taken everyone from the fire, especially since what happened last time. In the next part of this book I think that they will see another boat or plane and hope that the fire is still going but it won’t be. I think that them not being able to get off the island even if boats and planes pass them is part of the mystery of it all.

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