How to lose weight?

Essay by super_unknown_star April 2005

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It will always be tomorrow the day you'll start any dietary, but then it will be in the beginning of the next week and then the beginning of the month; finally it is the end of the year and still you didn't do anything about it. There is an easy plan make you lose weight and don't change much in your life nourishment, but only the way you eat. All you have to do is to drink water, to do everything step by step and to reduce your dinner meal and follow it by any easy sport you prefer.

The first and the most important thing is to drink as much water as you can during the day. Researches showed that if you started your day with at least one glass of water for two continual months each day, it would help you easily lose lots of the fats in your body.

Another thing is to drink water during each meal, although it was quite known that it's the cause for having potbelly, but resent studies proved the opposite because it help you to feel full so you don't eat more. Also it is a helpful way to drink water each time you are hungry to make sure if the call from your stomach was a call for food or drink.

Besides drinking water you have to do everything step by step because it help you continue the diet you started. You don't have to change everything at once. First, you can reduce the amount of sugar you put in your daily cup of coffee. Then, try to use the brown sugar. After that, you can use the cane sugar. Finally, you'll ended up finding that you are totally ready for the Sweet & Low.

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