Losing LaRae!

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On November 11, 2003 at 9:39 a.m. we lost one of the most beautiful wild flowers in our garden. LaRae Schmitt age 17 the only daughter of Sue and James Ray Schmitt of Lost Hills, Kansas was killed in a single car accident.

LaRae and my daughter, Jasmine, were best friends and had spend sixteen plus years of their lives together. They were together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If they weren't at my house they were at her house. She was just like another daughter to me.

LaRae was a very spoiled little girl, like most all little girls are. I remember when she and Jasmine were about four years old, they were in a beauty pageant and being the two little angels they were had a disagreement and LaRae slapped the fire out of Jasmine. We couldn't help but to laugh at them. By the end of the pageant they were best friends again.

LaRae and Jasmine did everything together, from going on vacation together to competition tumbling. They even went to a concert with Sue and didn't even know who Eric Clapton was. It was so funny when they got home and told me all about the education they hand received on who Eric Clapton was!

As time moved on my girls grew up and found out what boys were all about, well at least they thought they did! But that didn't keep them from their ritual of weekends were for the girls only! On a Friday night in May of 2003 LaRae called Jasmine and said "get you a dress; you are going to be my date for the Prom"! Jasmine started calling around to try and find a dress for the prom and by midnight we had a dress. On Saturday it...