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Samuel Miller

Instructor Little


10 September, 2014

I am the Definition of Lost

"We're the middle children of history… We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives…"-20th Century Fox's "Fight Club" .The Lost Generation was labeled as "lost" due to the fact that they had so much going on in one time period that around that time everyone felt lost. They encountered the First World War and we the "middle children of history" have the wars inside of our minds, we have to now gun down two dozen people in a theatre just to show that we need help. We got people throwing up every day just to have "perfect bodies", but there was none of that in the 1920's. We have technology slowly taking over every little thing to make life easier in reality, people back then were psychically and mentally fit of doing everything a computer could do, but we are becoming the lazy society.

The tables have turned. My generation has become the Lost Generation and there is no going back with the advances of technology, the entertainment and "role models", the laziness of America, and the wars we fight inside of our heads.

I am tired of being hooked on to every piece of technology that I can find. Our next generations are going to become so anti-social that everything is going to be on a computer or get made by technology. The days of "fixing it yourself" are over, the pride of owning a business and being good at your job is going to disappear to the advanced technology that is going to manufacture everything. The way that we are headed for is disastrous, because the human race is...