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"THE LOTTERY" In "THE LOTTERY" by Shirley Jackson, Destiny play's a role in Mrs. Hutchinson's life. In life everyone has a certain way of living each with there own destiny. "THE LOTTERY" is somewhat like life because there is always a chance to take. In life the one thing guaranteed is death. In The Lottery it only guarantees a chance to win or lose. Playing "lotto" the game of chance has to do with luck. There is no luck in destiny; it is just a way of life.

On June 27th, Bill Hutchinson's good luck turned into Mrs. Hutchinson's bad luck. Her bad luck came about when Bill picks a slip which is marked with a black dot. The black dot symbolizes death. She felt that " He didn't have enough time to take any paper he wanted, It wasn't fair"(Jackson 298).

Since Bill didn't protest that, his family is now marked. This is where her bad luck begins. People make certain decisions in their life without explanations or expecting any answers. This is where her destiny plays a role in her life.

Since Bill picks the slip, her family is now marked. Within the marked family only they choose another slip. Tessies bad luck hits her again. She chooses the wrong slip. She turns Bills suffering into her own. Because of her destiny her life came to an end. As she stands in the circle by herself all she could say is "this isn't fair"(Jackson 302).

Mrs. Hutchinson a character in the story is somewhat related to Anne Hutchinson who was a caretaker of the sick. Anne ran to the aide of people by showing them her kindness and generosity. Mrs. Hutchinson in jacksons story ran to the aid of Bill Hutchinson, instead of letting him suffer. The historical Mrs. Hutchinson takes his suffering." The Lottery" is based on her life story.

The story relates to Anne Hutchinsons life because both Anne and Mrs.Hutchinson are similar to one another. They both are married to a guy named Bill which is short for William. They both spoke up for what they thought was right. Both where punished because they were doing what they believed was right, to others it was wrong.

In life people are always struck by bad luck but they get their share of good times. Destiny is not controllable. It is set from the moment you are born. Doing the wrong thing should lead to suffering. Who would have thought that the right thing could lead to the same ending.0ne tends to understand why people always say " The good die young".

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