Is This Love?

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It is often said that over half of marriages today end in divorce. Now it is your parents turn! Why do so many marriages end in divorce? Personally, I do not want to have divorce in my life or in the life of my future children. If people understood why divorce is so high, maybe it could be avoided in numerous cases. What should people do to avoid divorce? Divorce can be avoided by having a better foundation in marriage. Marriage should be based on love. It needs to be strong. Couples should become more familiar with each other and be prepared to face hardships. They should build a strong relationship before marriage.

Today, many people mistake lust for love. Some say they love another from first sight even! How can they love someone when all they know about them is how they look? The only thing to love is their body.

Many couples mistake this lust for love and may even start a marriage without truly knowing the person. This only sets up their marriage for the failure that will come when they find themselves incompatible with each other. Couples should take more time to build a foundation before marriage. What are some of the problems that couples may have during marriage that tend to end a relationship?

Once a couple is joined together in marriage, they are often not prepared for what is coming. It is said that money problems almost always play a part in divorce. The constant stress that money can bring is hard to withstand. These problems can also teach one partner not to trust the other. Marriage takes a lot more than normal love! At times, there is not always a love between the two. Rather than work on it,