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April Benbow Journal #3 Dr. Young In New York on a hot summer day, my neighborhood is always crowed with people from different boroughs. Girls looking nasty, boys groping them and everyone just doing what ever they like. What I like most about the summer the air is fresh, and the sun is shinning on both sides of the street. I love the sound of the ice cream truck roaring down the streets, and the children running to catch the truck to cool their stomachs. I love to take walks in the park; the smell just hit me right in my face burning hot dogs, hamburgers and what ever else to get the party started. I love to see the children playing in the park, imaging someday I would bear my own child or children. I love to see the squirrels running up the tree and coming down to find food.

One thing I hate most about the summer, when the streets have not been wash and it smells so awful from all the garbage that has been put out on the sidewalk from different buildings.

The summer is fun and hot most of the time, I stay cool and try to visit different beaches and my family in different states.