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The European arrival in the Americas brought about a clash of imperial energies as Spain, France and eventually, England vied with one another in staking claims to the " New World". Since, we are studying American Literature, I would like to focus on the English-Indians conflict, and the English population. From the outset, the Indians suffered many pains caused by the English. The London based leaders of Massachusetts and Virginia directed their settlers to treat the Indians " humanely," to christianize, feed, and clothe them, and to incorporate them into "the English community".

Ironically, these instructions were base on the European misconception of the Indian as a savage. Although, the Indians possessed a culture as old and rich as any in Europe, many whites thought of them as " bad, savage, and ignorant people" . Racial prejudice fed that hostile attitude. In Europeans eyes, these dark skin people were "pernicious and barbarians people".

Only violence, would keep the Indians in line. Consequently, They killed many Indians tribes and forced them to live in reservations. As a result, the English population were increasing but the Indians population were decreasing. For instance: New England's population compared to other regions was poor, and the population growth was even poorer. The Census Bureau recorded by mid 1800 had a population of about 2.25 million. Ten years later, western states had over 3.5 million with the people northwest of the Ohio River alone numbering 1.5 million. "In 1820 the total population of New England was about to equal to the combined population of New York and New Jersey; but its increase between 1820 and 1830 was hardly three hundred thousand, not much over half that of New York, and less that of gain of Ohio. If Maine, the growing state of the group, be excluded, the increase of the whole section was less that of the frontier state of Indiana"(Turner 41). The Middle Region, which included New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, was a transition zone. It connected the north along with the south and the east with the west. "Geographically, they (the states) lay on the line of natural routes between the Atlantic on the one side, and the Ohio and the Great Lakes on the other"(Turner 10). Compared to New England, this section was rapidly growing region. By 1830, New York had already equaled the total population of entire New England combined. Eventually, New York and Pennsylvania would become the most populous states in the union. To conclude, Doing this mini research had taught me many interesting facts and it also gives me a deeper appreciation for studying America Literature.

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