Love is just LOVE

Essay by Clever_Baby April 2005

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Love, love, love, I hear this word millions times a day, someone lost his girlfriend, another failed with his love, and one, only one of these millions who succeeded - until now, who knows?? - in his love. So why do you think we love? To be hurt? What naive those who love!

We love, even we see others are being hurt by love, we still love and love. We see two lovely birds singing together, imagining the fictional paradise they will live in through their love. Here is the first and easiest obstacle in front of them, now you will see these two birds together but with not loud voice enough to sing. Another obstacle will destroy these two pretty birds' love, but it will not only destroy their love, it will cause deep wounds in their small wings that it will be difficult to fly again with another bird.

Imagine the way you will be if you are imprisoned without a prison, imprisoned in this free world. That's the life without love, a huge prison where your heart is the jailer, advocate, and also the jury. Your heart will determine if you are guilty, and won't be able to love again, or not guilty, and will get a treatment for that stupid wound in your wing, you may get another try. Will you love again?

A hard choice, it is really confusing to choose between living in the world's prison, and flying again with a great probability to be wounded again. Will you live to be hurt? Will you live to be wounded more and more? Will you live in trials with your heart? Love is competition where all birds want to complete their successful love journey,