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Scholastic Writers' Award 2013

Group C

The final line of your story must be: "And, to this day, I still don't know why she did it."

by Lee Tse Lyn

Who am I? I'm Kestrel Night. I'm in jail now for reasons I have yet to comprehend. I'm sentenced for murder. It has been months since I entered jail. They say I killed my brother. Nobody came to visit me as the months passed. Not even my parents. They believe I killed him. I believe I'm innocent. Do you?

What they don't know is that I was at home, finishing my Biology report which was due the following day. I was listening to songs through my headphones; therefore I didn't hear the loud shot coming from the corner of my street. What they also don't know is that her car which wasn't supposed to be working was parked a few houses away from the crime scene and the two silhouette figures that ran across the road entered the car as the police came.

I still remember everything perfectly. It was last December when it happened.

It was getting dark when I entered The Web. This was where most of my schoolmates came to hang out. I ordered a latte and sat at the furthest corner, away from everyone else. I began pulling my homework out from my bag when I heard,

"Hey, sis!" shouted Kristoff when he spotted me. He was with Cameryn, his girlfriend. Cameryn happened to study in my school too. Kristoff graduated out of high school two years ago.

"Nice meeting you here," I said before taking a sip of my latte.

"Can we sit with you? It's pretty crowded here," asked Cameryn.

"Yeah, you can sit here."

"Thanks, Kestrel. You're the best."

They spoke quietly, not...