Loyalty is a virtue

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It has long been criticized that inadequate moral education and commercial media are the crucial elements in making today's human beings vulnerable and irresistible to the assault by immorality.. Loyalty, one of ultimate virtues, has been considered as a vaccine in strengthening moral immune system for the public. Undoubtedly, the assumption that loyalty is a constructive rather than a destructive element in maintaining one society's morality is tenable in many aspects.

One convincing example in supporting this presumption is in business. To stay in business and increase profits, managers are required to be well known of rising consumers confidence in their companies. A direct access in reaching this goal is to be loyal not only in telling customers all information of the products explicitly but also in providing them with the best service after sold out the commodities. In this way, one company's reliable image can be consented gradually in the public.

On the other hand, loyalty is extremely essential in making business allies in today's tense competition. To betray the cooperative business partners will be progressively damaged one's credit and lead to uncalculated lost in physical and psychic aspect alike. What will happen if a manager in one branch company of Wal-Mart has secretly issued their marketing strategy to its counterpart? It will be a great loss for Wal-Mart and the manager will also be prosecuted . Even the betrayer can avoid being inculpated, disloyalty will push him/her into another dead end: no one will employ him/her any more.

In addition, loyalty is also the sunshine in enduring harmony in marriage. As the number of infidelity cases happened in marriages drastically increases, one can easily draw up one conclusion that loyalty, a kind of virtue, is also a golden principle in maintaining happy marriages, which is as important as...