Lucent in a Globalizing world

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As seen, in order to say about firm it should be introduced closer. Lucent genesis is not complicated... Many years ago, AT&T, the American national telephony corporation, begun cooperation with famous Bell Laboratories, the inheritor of telephone inventor – Graham Bell. It’s very important, because in practice all innovations and introduced technologies had roots there. Growing manufacturing costs and great costs of sustaining research and development on high level had caused a necessity of new market search. This way, AT&T converted into an international company with localizations in different parts of the globe. However, the competition didn’t want to buy telecommunication equipment from other rival. That’s why the decision about separating products and system business was taken. In 1996, The President of The United States, Bill Clinton, signed Telecommunication Act, which allowed creating a new firm. Lucent Technologies became an independent global company o in telecommunication market.

Top management of new firm stood in face of searching all possible elements that could create competitive advantage in the reality.

They had to introduce a new brand from the beginning, taking advantage from the roots. It is very curious to know, how during a decade Lucent brand has become a synonym of quality on telecommunication market.

First, Decision Makers being aware of issue importance defines it as “the total combination of what customers perceive and how they feel about a product or service, including whether it meets their needs, what the brand name represents to them, and how they see and judge the organization that stands behind it”. Patricia Russo, Chief Executive Officer of Lucent, always at each meeting with employees or customers underlines, that Lucent brand is for them more than a product or service, it is like confidence credit. Nevertheless, branding is much more than only guaranteeing of...