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Cancer Today it seems that their is nothing that won't give you cancer and nothing that cant help save you from it. Almost everyday we find a new way to protect ourselves from it either by modifying are diet to include or disclude something or by changing the products and materials that we use day to day. It seems that every time a new bit of information comes out in the fight to find a cure; a new cancer causing item is found. In the following pages I will discuss what cancer is, where is comes from, a specific kind of cancer and what can be done to treat it.In the minds of many cancer is a death sentence but with technology and research that is no longer always the case.

What is Cancer? Cancer is when abnormal cells in an organ start growing and increasing in an uncontrolled manner.

Because the cells are dividing at a rate excess of normal division the cells form a tumour. The crowded cells fail to stop dividing until they push everything out of place. If the tumour is benign it will enlarge only at the site where it began. However cancerous tumours can invade and destroy. One of the reasons that cancer needs to be caught early is because it will spread. Cancerous cells lack the sticky coating that causes normal healthy cells to stay together because cancerous cells lack it they can break off and implant somewhere else in the body. The cancerous cells that break off from the primary tumour are usually carried through the blood. What causes cancer cells to be abnormal? They create extra chromosomes and more DNA then normal cells do.

Lung Cancer What usually happens with lung cancer is that the cilia in your throat that...