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LustLust is a story written about passion, youthful mistakes, regret and pain. The story is written about a girl who is extremely promiscuous. The main character is reflecting on her past when she may be around fourteen years of age. The assumption is made that she sleeps around with a lot of different guys in hopes of finding something special. Susan Minot writes this story in an approach that shows the mistakes that the girl made in her past and the repercussions she has to face mentally. The story uses four key elements of fiction to show the personality of the girl. The elements, character, point of view, style and theme, attempt to explain why she did the things Minot are describing. The elements of fiction being used are crucial to the plot, the moral and the success of the story and without these elements the story would have a different significance.

There are a lot of characters in the story, but there is only one character the reader is allowed to get to know. The personality of the main character is established through her dialogue and actions. The first line in the story is from the main character and it states, ?Leo was from a long time ago, the first one I saw nude.? This sentence gives the reader an idea of the direction in which the story is proceeding. The fact that she is so upfront about her sex life says a lot about her moral characteristics. Throughout the entire story the main character gives a lengthy anthology of the guys she has been involved with sexually. Her openness and willingness to get sexually involved with the numerous amounts of boys gives the implication that she doesn?t care about herself and causes the reader to have no...