"I'm Tired Of You Already!"

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Isn't great to have a computer, and brand new from the box. It's like a new toy to play with. An also the computer has Internet, so when the computer has that you feel like to explore the whole website. Well! This is something that happened with a girl named Jenny. Let's say that she didn't get that much along with the computer.

One day Jenny was so excited to get her new computer, for she could do all of her homework's and to have fun. She couldn't wait to show her friends the computer. When Jenny arrived from school, her mom gave her a surprise in her room. When Jenny went upstairs, she couldn't believe her eye of what Jenny saw. Jenny started to hug her computer, and was touching it like if it was a beautiful doll.

Jenny started to call her friends to come over, but her mom said "you have to first update the computer and then your friends could come over".

So jenny went to the database to organize the information to the computer. Jenny's mom said that the disk on the table is the CD-ROM, to read the memory of how many spaces that the computer has. Jenny started to update her computer before her friend's come over to her house and see the computer. Jenny was tired to update her computer; the last disk that Jenny updated it was the CPU the main process component of the computer.

Than Jenny's mom said "honey your friends are here" she said. When Jenny's mom said that, she also said "you look like a hacker with all of those CD on the table". Jenny responded back to her mom "I don't look like a hacker with these capable programmers". Jenny ran downstairs to see her...