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Mac vs. PC/windows

The technology market has severely impacted the world in the last decade. Apple and Microsoft are two companies whose competition to dominate sales has been mostly developed with computer sales. Apple's computer is named "Mac" and Microsoft's product can be recognized as windows PC. Microsoft has millions of customers because of the amazing job that the company has developed on marketing. However, Apple's computer is undoubtedly better in three aspects: Productivity, security and design.

The lighter you are, the faster you can run. This is an advise usually used for athletes, but can be applied for computers too. Mac has an immediate processing, because it does not have useless applications by default, and so, the software works faster. Furthermore, the apple keyboard facilities, as the multi-touch, give to the user a higher list of options to control the computer. On the other hand, windows PC wants to provide a big amount of options to the customer, for instance, more than 40 game by default.

The computer usually gets slower for having apps that never are used by customers. However, the processing speed of computers can be affected for other reasons; malwares are one of these.

A malware is malicious software used to corrupt computers. Apple has many restrictions for computer developers and its programing language is much more exclusive, because the software and hardware are both created by the same company. This strategy lets Apple to be much more careful about malwares. Actually, the Mac does not even need antivirus software to work perfectly. In contrast, windows PC are usually created by more than one company. Microsoft is the owner of the software, but not of the hardware. Therefore, the programing language is more public, making the product much more helpless to malwares. This ideology of...