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There are many different forms of love demonstrated in the novel 'Maestro'. Paul was involved in many different kinds of relationships during his adolescent years and subsequently learnt a lot about love and life.

Paul's first love other than his family was for the piano. Music was very much a part of his life from a very early age. It gave him a place to hide during breaks at school and because of his lack of friends his own age his musical talents helped him to socialise with much older adults than himself. "I performed at those Friday night gatherings... basking in an older, more adult acceptance that should have more than compensated for my own age group's rejection" (pg 22). Paul had learnt from this that he needed friends his own age. Although he could relate well to the adults, he needed friends his own age to hang around with after school and do normal teenage stuff.

While Paul was hiding behind his music during lunch times at school he met someone very special. At the time he didn't realize, but Rosie was very much like Paul. Rejected from her own age group she too found herself wondering into the music room away from everyone. At first Paul didn't think much of Rosie until one evening they met at a concert and things started to fall into place. Paul walked Rosie home that night and for the first time learnt about lust and sexual feelings. Gradually their lust turned into love and eventually became so strong that all they could think about was each other. They just wanted to be near one another and spend time together. Paul learnt from this how to treat a woman and gave him and understanding of what love was like.