Main Character Descriptions of Huckleberry Finn

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a great book that teaches many lessons through the story, its dialogue and, the characters themselves. A main way that the reader can learn is from the characters and many of the characters show the rights and wrongs of life. From Huck himself teaching lessons to the bad qualities learned not to do from The King and Duke. The lessons the can be learned from this book make it great.

The first character to discuss would obviously be Huck the main character. He can teach many lessons through his adventures on his journey. Huck matures throughout the book and shows this. Maturity is something that is great to learn young. People respect those that are mature and those who are mature can make better decisions faster than those who are not. Huck does start to think and make better decisions throughout the book. Huck can also be understood as uneducated but, he is very intelligent is real situations.

An example of Huck showing a good lesson would be when Huck takes the money from the King and Dike to give back to the Wilks girls. Another lesson learned from Huck would be respect of racism. Huck learns that racism is wrong and he becomes great friends with a black man, a man of another color. Huck teaches good lessons.

Another character could be Tom Sawyer. Even though Tom is not the most mature character he does show that through education you can have fun. He learns from school and is very smart; even though he is not very mature right now he is intelligent. Tom is a good lesson for young people who don’t like to read, and this is because he makes stories and adventures out of the books that he reads.