What makes a great leader?

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"Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow" (Vince Lombbardi). Leadership has been, and always will be a key part of a countries success. Leaders are of great importance in today’s world. Without strong leaders, countries or societies would not have success in this disordered world. Everywhere in the world people need a leader, leaders need to have certain traits that people can look up to and follow. People want strong, qualified people to lead them, to be a great leader they need to have visions, integrity and be decisive and most of all be responsible. These traits can ensure a leader will be great, and that leader will lead his or her country to greatness.

Leadership has and always will be a key part of organizational success. Leadership takes on an even greater importance in today's world. Without strong leadership from enough people, organizations rarely have success in a turbulent world.

Furthermore, everywhere we look today it seems we are constantly seeking people to be leaders. We want the strongest, most qualified persons to lead our businesses, our communities, our governments and our nation. A good leader must be able to communicate effectively, make tough decisions, and have a vision.

Great leaders need to be able to create visionary, they need to show a path to a successful future and need to show the people how they will get there. Leaders can improve the quality and peoples acceptance of this vision by presenting people with lots of idea’s and improvements. The leader needs to have the peoples support and have to be a person that people can follow and look up too.

Having integrity is a good trait in being a great leader. The leader needs to keep strong...