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In the heart of Southeast Asia lies one of the world's most enchanting lands--Malaysia with its diverse of culture and hospitable people, exotic cuisine, fascinating festivals, quaint villages and modern skylines. Malaysia is bordered by Thailand to the north, Singpore and Indonesia to south and southeast. Malaysia is situated on the Equator, so the weather is hot and wet along the year.

Generally, Malaysia has three main races: Malay, Chinese, Indian and the oldest inhabitants of Malaysia. Each races has their own practices, customes, taboos and religions. All the races live together in harmony and no suspicious among them. They learn Malay, English and their own mother's tongue, so they can communicate to each races. The most obvious evidence that shows the harmony among the races in intermarry. The first chinese settled in the peninsular Malaya married with Malaysian community and bornt the babas and nyonyas, and eventually produced a new culture with their own set of practices, beliefs and arts.

Malaysia is full of variety of delicious food in its many splendours and variation of enticement. Malay, Chinese, Indian and the other ethnic communities have their unique and authentic cooking styles likes Malay prefer homegrown ingredients figure, Chinese enjoy rice with non-spicy vegetables and meat dishes, Indian love curried dishes and breads, baba-nyonyas enjoy spices, herbs and plants with onions, garlic and chilly. Malaysia is a food paradise with many food courts, hawker centres, 'kopitiam' (Chinese coffee shops), restaurants, local and international fast food outlets.

Malaysia's dynamatic capital--Kuala Lumpur is a modern city with great shopping gacilities, meseums, galleries, a fascinating architectural mix, good transportation and the world spectacular building--the magnificient Petronas Twin Towers. 13km from Kuala Lumpur's central business district and just outside the city limits, lies Batu Cave with its famous caverns. The...