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Commonwealth of Virginia December 12, 1999 Department of Health Linda Wilhelm, Supervisor P.O. Box 2448 Richmond, VA 23218 Dear Ms. Whilhem: I'm following up on the verbal complaint Log #992479, against Mount Vernon Nursing Center, 8111 Tiswell Drive, Alexandria, Virginia, 22306-3297 per request of my attorney. My father, one Mr. Frank Alfred Cangelosi, was admitted to Mount Vernon Hospital on the 24th of November 1999 with a decubitus ulcer of the scrotal area and to rule-out congestive heart failure. His primary care physicians were Dr. Mark Gallini and Dr, Frank Ciampi. I was advised by the social worker at Mount Vernon Hospital that Medicare benefits were limited in Mr. Cangelosi's stay at Mount Vernon Hospital, therefore arrangements were coordinated with the Mount Vernon Nursing Center to continue treatment of his decubital ulcer.

On November 29th, 1999, Mr. Cangelosi was admitted to Mount Vernon Nursing Center under the medical care of Dr.

Carleen Tylinda, because his primary care physicians did not associate their practice with the Nursing Center. Upon discharge from Mount Vernon Hospital and admission to Mount Vernon Nursing Center, both physical examinations conducted by all said physicians did not reveal any physical signs or symptoms of a fractured right arm (humerus).

On the first of December 1999, my father complained to me that his paralyzed right arm was extremely painful and that he was "roughly" manhandled. Upon my examination of my father's complaint, I observed the right upper area (humeral) of the arm to be discolored (black and blue). I reported this observation to the evening nurse (Veronica) and she stated that she would enter this into her nurse's notes. In addition, I recommended to the evening nurse that she place any entry into her care plan not to pull or reposition him using his right arm.