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Royal Dutch Shell and the Execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa Executive Summary As a global conglomerate, Royal Dutch Shell (Shell) has to manage the projection of its image to all stakeholders groups. Without an image that is held in high regard, the company?s efforts to expand or maintain its operations and dealings in different global regions could become increasingly difficult. To combat this, Shell must create a comprehensive list of guidelines that will monitor business practices and business ethics.

It is my view that the company should implement a ?Global Awareness? Strategy that focuses on establishing infrastructure projects and social programs, improving existing and current products and processes with an environmental focus, establish corporate foreign participation and increasd employment levels, develop guiding principles for ethical and environmental business practices, and create and disseminate marketing programs to reestablish itself as an ethically responsible company who has chosen to be a progressive leader.

This will allow Shell to regain its positive corporate image that has been tainted by various media sources and public figures. Regaining its image is an imperative for Shell. As the Ken Saro-Wiwa incident shows, the image of the company is not the only thing that can be harmed. Economic opportunities ? a necessary ingredient for success ? will be lost.

Overview Shell grew out of an alliance in 1907 between Royal Dutch Petroleum (RD) and the Shell Transport and Trading Company (SC). The companies agreed to merge their interest while maintaining their separate identities. RD owns 60% of the union while SD owns the balance. Shell, one of the world?s largest oil companies, has been pumping almost half of Nigeria?s oil from the Ogoni lands since the late 1950s. Nigerian oil accounts for 11 to 12% of the company?s global output and generates approximately $200 million in revenues per...