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Background & Headline

I'm working in the Accommodation Department of Conrad Hotel Dublin. It's a five star hotel that belongs to Hilton group worldwide. Based on the experience that I gained from my practical work and the knowledge that I've learned from the programme, I give the headline here for this report as following:

"XWhy does an organization need the performance appraisal? It includes the definition of the performance appraisal, the purpose and the importance of it.

"XHow to set up a good performance appraisal scheme? It means the essential elements for such a good scheme.

"XIdentify the current performance appraisal scheme that is operated in Conrad Hotel Dublin. How to judge & evaluate and improve it?

(Find the deficient component, how to improve or make it more effective.)

"XHow to test the scheme that I revised and know its effectiveness?

Why does an organization need the performance appraisal?

It is necessary to understand the definition of the performance appraisal first.

Performance appraisal is any procedure which helps the collecting, sharing, giving and using of information collected from and about people at work for the purposes of adding to their performance at work. (Reference paper from the teacher, P17)

The main aims & objectives of appraisal are:

-Setting performance objectives;

-Assessing past & current performance;

-Improving current & future performance;

-Assessing training & development needs;

-Determining salary levels;

-Developing individuals;

-Assessing future potential;

-Improving motivation;

-Providing job satisfaction.

And the benefits of performance appraisal are that it gives an opportunity to:

-Discuss an individual's performance at work;

-Give positive feedback to an individual;

-Identify any training needs the individual may have;

-Produce a record of the individual's performance at work;

-Negotiate and agree work targets and objectives;

-Identify any weaknesses, and look for ways in which performance at work and...