Management and Leadership

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In the business world today, the corporate environment demands more work from less employees. In order for corporations to stay ahead of the game, they need to employ the right leaders and the most effective managers. The leadership style of those in charge influences the effectiveness of those employees working under them. Management and leadership can sometimes go hand in hand, but there are differences between leaders and managers. In this paper, I will discuss the difference between managers and leaders. I will also examine the role and responsibilities of leaders in creating and maintaining a healthy organizational culture and I will also make two recommendations to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture followed with a couple of examples to support my recommendation.

Management is defined as the "organizational process that includes strategic planning, setting; objectives, managing resources, deploying the human and financial assets needed to achieve objectives, and measuring results".

(Stuhlman, 2006) A manager is someone who works with and through other people by coordinating their work activities to accomplish organizational goals. The fundamental responsibility of a manager is to accomplish the organizations objectives by getting things done through others.

Many leaders have different personalities and styles of leadership. Leadership has been defined as "one who conducts, precedes as a guide to others in action or opinion, one who takes the lead in any enterprise or movement, one who is 'followed' by disciples or adherents" (Mirams-Well, 2006). Leadership comes in a number of different forms, but all leaders are heading toward the same common goal, which is to effectively communicate with people. Some leaders are silent leaders and simply lead by example, while others are more vocal. But what is certain is that all leaders must possess certain characteristics. For example, being a good role model,