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Management and leadership are two different concepts. The way management approaches a situation can be and is very important. Decisions made will be based on some motivations or reasons that are forces which influence our ways of thinking. However, hardly ever examine our motivations to see if they make sense. People rarely examine our reasons critically to see if they are rationally justified. We constantly have to solve problems everyday of our life; some of the decisions seem smaller than others. Some decisions are effective and valid, while others appear to be a shot in the dark. As known many managers share similar characteristics that fit into a broad management or leadership style. It takes strong management and leadership skills to guide an organization to success.

These functions help plan, organize, lead and control the resources that an organization has. When a management team uses the planning functions they are laying down the goals and the direction that they need to take to achieve those goals.

It's during the planning function, that rules and procedures are implemented for the workforce to adhere too. To manage properly, a management team will need to organize the human, financial, physical, informational, and technical resources that are necessary to work towards their goals. It's through these functions that management teams can direct a workforce using the rules, regulations and procedures. The nature and work of management involves effectively applying these four functions to achieve organizational success. All four functions are equally crucial to the success of organizations in modern day society. Because all four functions can be performed in a variety of ways, management must select the most appropriate combination of methods for their respective organizations. It takes a good understanding of these four functions to be successful in management.

Leaders can create and...