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Implementation Tools and Resources Paper


Implementation Tools and Resources Paper

The use of tools and resources for the implementing process are valuable for the consultant to have a successful project with clients. This paper will discuss five tools and resources: PERT; Peter Block's suggestions (vision, standards, rewards, training, and measurement); Briefings and Presentations; Benchmarking and Best Practices; and Budgeting and Forecasting. Specific recommendations to assess advantages and disadvantages in various situations for each tool's use in the implementation process will be explored to include information from peer-reviewed sources to reveal the integration for compare and contrast effectively.


PERT, which stands for Program Evaluation and Review Technique, is a project implementation and planning tool that helps organizations map out a schedule of tasks that must be completed. PERT analyses, which are prepared in chart form, include the following information:

What tasks must be carried out

Where parallel activity can be performed

Resources needed to execute a project

The sequence of activities, scheduling and timings involved

Task priorities (Mind Tools)

PERT is similar to critical path scheduling, which also seeks to map out a project's necessary tasks.

The primary difference between PERT and critical path scheduling is that critical path scheduling identifies the minimum amount of time needed to complete a project, while PERT uses more conservative time estimates (Mind Tools). PERT is a detail-oriented approach that nails down the specific requirements for a project, particularly in terms of timing, coordination, and defining tasks. This distinguishes PERT from other implementation tools that approach projects from a cultural or behavioral perspective, such as change management, communicating a vision, or creating a rewards system for a project. The way in which PERT organizes information plays a critical role in delivering a...