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This is a case study of the system known as Check point founded in the US in 1969 aiming to combat theft crime by providing solutions for retailers and consumer product manufacturers to brand, track and secure goods. According to 2006's figure the company employed 3200 people globally and had recorded the revenue of $688 million.

In evaluating the implementation of SAP R/3, the table in Figure 1 bellow is used. The table shows the existing information problems (before the implementation of SAP R/3 and the solution that SAP R/3 has provided (after the implementation).

The roles of staff within CSThe roles of staff within CS have both increased and simplified as follows;(a). The roles of staff have increased after the implementation of SAP R/3. This can be evidenced in the UK where the same number of staff serves customers although the local business activity has been increased by more than 10%.

(2).The roles of staff have been made simple after the implementation of SAP R/3.This can seen by considering different features that SAP has as follows:-•Consolidation of the periodic processes is no longer a big task and takes just few hours (check point case study,2008)•Books of accounts periodic closure can now be done within short period of time with SAP you can achieve daily reconciliation and thus making end of month reconciliation easy and not time consuming. You have no big backlog when you have SAP in your business.

SAP Implementation benefits both customers and suppliers.

The following can be some of the customer's benefits:-It has increased customers satisfaction;•Keep customers informed about their order status•Reduce the probability of late or incomplete orders.

•Customers can get easy access to CS products information necessary for decision making before buying.

•They can now buy electronically and avoid all the inconvenience and...