Managing Across Organizations

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The political environment of an organization plays a tremendous role in who ultimately has the power to make decisions as well as the level of employee involvement. To a new manager, challenges related to creating new alliances and partnerships can seem overwhelming. This confidential note to the new manager in the organization will advise him on the strategies needed to successfully manage across an organization.

Good Sport, Inc.

Confidential Memo




Re:Successfully Managing Across an Organization

Mr. :

As the Senior Manager of Business Development for Good Sport, Inc., I would like to share the knowledge I have acquired during my many years at this organization. I hope that this information will assist in helping you make a successful transition into your new role as manager. It is critical for a new manager to develop successful internal partnerships and alliances. Pro-active leadership is essential, and a leader must be willing to take risks and be flexible.

Lower level managers must be encouraged to take advantage of opportunities and this usually requires a high level of confidence in them by upper management. Communication between low level and senior level managers is an essential component in creating successful alliances. A new manager must establish trust between himself and his subordinates, as well as top executives. While forming internal partnerships and alliances, a new manager must also determine the organization's assets in terms of valuable employees who are willing to be team players.

Some helpful tactics in successfully managing across an organization are inviting input from other managers and extending support for other departments' ideas. This conveys a message of support and trust. It lets subordinates know that your interests are in doing what is best for the entire organization on all fronts. Another beneficial tool for a new manager...