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Executive Summary

Football is a religion and Manchester United is the preacher of this religion. It has a cult

following of over 50 million all over the world. The fan base spans several generations.

Manchester United is just not a football club that aims at winning matches on the pitch

but is an extremely well organized corporate entity that believes in exploiting its brand all

over the globe. The club has been through many ups and downs during its existence over

100 years but it has been able to create a very sound "emotional base" (Schupbach L,

IMD, 2003, pg 1).

The club has been presented with two opportunities, even though both options are

important, the club should honor the sponsors request to make an appearance for the

photo opportunity in Thailand and Japan. The display and photo opportunity would not

only give an advantage to the club in the Asian market but would also help it maintain a

cordial relationship with one of its major sponsors.

The Australian commitment would

not give substantial returns to the club's brand. The possibility of the club to make an

appearance for both the occasions has been taken into consideration but found short of

merit because it not only puts tremendous pressure on the players due to its further

commitment in Europe shortly after the break buts also increases risk of injuries.

Brand "Manchester United" is built upon the performance of the club on the pitch. Media

plays an extremely important role in maintaining and strengthening this brand across

continents. The club does not have a very big fan following in the Australasian region

and it is always sound business strategy to move from a position of strength rather than

send a team that does not have the "big names" to...