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There are hundreds of types of electronic music. Two of the most impacting types of music to me are House music and Jungle music.

These two types are very different but so alike at the same time.

The two vary from the people who listen to the music, to the speed that it is played at or the type of bass taht is produced when the records play. There are many different types of jungle but there are about one hundred types of house music. The major difference between the two styles of music is the sounds that are contained in the music. In jungle music there are alot of snares and realy dirty low bass. House music has a higher frequency bass and more of a up beat tempo to it. With house music there are about 100 different types of music that can be altered to make many more than that.

But with jungle there are only about 35 different types. The major difference between house and jungle is that with house music all they different types range from 120 beats per minute to up to 195 beats per minute and when played on a turntable they are played at the 45rpm and 33 rpm. Jungle on the other hand is played at 45 rpm and usualy has a co The origions of the two come from very different places. Jungle w Another difference between the two types of music are the people w listen to it and how they act. People who listen to jungle are called "Junglist" and people who listen to house are called "House Heads". These two types of people are very different in many ways from their style of dancing to the clothes they wear. When you walk into a jungle room it is usualy filled with smoke from marijuana, this is caused by the massive amounts of stoners that tend to like jungle more. With house you will walk in the room and almost puke becuase of the smell of the epuddles that etards produce, you will also see people dancing that look like they are practicaly having se