Marijuana in Canada should not be legalized

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The promotion of marijuana as a harmless drug that can be used to treat patients with various health issues is very misleading. Teenagers are using it more often now because of such advertisements since it is suppose to be much better then smoking tobacco. The reality is that marijuana is very addictive and the marijuana industry is pulling more people to try it by giving them false ideas. It increases health risks and as various side effects that could last a lifetime. The idea that it is not addictive makes it more popular among young crowds and gives them more reason to try it out. The major health risks include the development of diseases like aids, cancer, glaucoma and many other health problems. Marijuana should not be legalized in Canada as it's use has led to increased number of unhealthy Canadians causing diseases like AIDS, Cancer and Glaucoma by exposing them to higher health risks that go along with the use of this drug.

Cancer: is a very widely known disease caused by cancer-causing substances and these can be found in higher percentages among marijuana users .The connections between smoking cigarettes and the risk of cancer is well known and established within the conscious of every American, including those who continue smoking with hopes for quitting "before it's too late." Tragically, smoking-related lung cancer is the second leading cause of death in America, and said death is not a painless one -- nor inexpensive to treat, for that matter The "Big C" is not mentally associated with other forms of common cancer, such as pancreatic or liver cancer, but none other than lung cancer. Hundreds of thousands of people die each year from lung cancer. A chemical found in tobacco smoking, benzopyrene, causes genetic damage in lung cells that...