Marijuana should be legal for medicinal purposes. It is about how marijuana should be legal for medicinal purposes

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Marijuana should be Legal for Medicinal Purposes

Did know that one in five people get cancer in their lifetime? Now imagine if you were one of those one in five who had cancer, and you had to suffer through a constant regime of chemotherapy where you are on the edge of death, because the chemotherapy not only killing the cancerous cells but it is killing the all of the good cells in your body too. Every second you feel extremely nauseous and you are vomiting constantly, and you just don't want to eat, and you feel like dieing. Now you really wish there was something that would make you feel better. There is but it is only legal in some countries. It is the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The marijuana would suppress the nausea and make you feel much better and make you eat. For that is one of several reasons why marijuana should be legal everywhere for medicinal purposes.

First of all right now all across the world there is a huge AIDS epidemic going around the whole world. Marijuana is a drug that can be used to help make people feel better who suffer from AIDS. What happens is that the people with AIDS suffer from a condition known as malnutrition. These people suffer from malnutrition because the do not eat enough regular food to get the nutrition they need. What the marijuana does is it stimulates the neurons in the hypothalamus in the brain and tells that the body that it is hungry and you should eat more, and the people with AIDS will get their nutrition. Marijuana also can be subscribed to people with anorexia in some countries. What it does for people with anorexia is once again makes them hungry so they will...