That marijuana should not be legalised.

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The issue to be discussed in this essay is that marijuana should not be legalised. The contention of this persuasive piece is that the legalization of marijuana should not be allowed. The arguments to be presented are that marijuana has a complete detrimental effect on the human anatomy and that its legalization would create a greater amount of new drug users. The opposing arguments relative to this topic will also be explored.

Marijuana puts a user's body in absolute jeopardy. The facts in relation to the long and term use of this drug are quite astounding. The alarming affects on the body include a tremendous decimation of the vital organs, which consist of the brain, heart and lungs. Some of the short term effects on the brain are memory problems, learning difficulties, disorientated perception and loss of coordination. Longs term effects on this vital organ also include increased activation in stress response system and changes in the activity of nerve cells which regulate motivation and movement.

The heart the most predominant, area of the human body is affected immensely by the use of marijuana. The risk of a heart attack quadruples in the first hour of smoking. How on earth can a government body legalise a drug that has countless bad effects on the human anatomy?An opposing argument may be that marijuana has medicinal properties and can aid those with severe illnesses. However, there is not enough sufficient research to suggest this. A recent study in the United States has found that marijuana has had little or no effect in the relieving of a patient's symptoms. In this study, it was also found that common, tested hospital drugs could be utilized instead and had more of a chance in relieving a patient's symptoms. Therefore, to say that marijuana can be...