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The ocean has always been a big mystery, and holds many wonderful secrets. For many years it's been the marine biologists job to help uncover those secrets. The job of a marine biologist is ever changing as shown in the duties, education, work conditions, compensation, and market.

Marine biologists have many duties. These duties are what make this job so neat. One of the most important duties is observation. One of the many things a marine biologist observes is different species. Animals are the most commonly observed species. A marine biologist will prefer to observe water- dwelling animals, but will also observe land animals too. Besides observing animals, marine biologists will also observe plants. Other than species, marine biologists also study preservation. Marine biologists will study the preservation of many things, such as the environment. A marine biologist will also help in the preservation of water supplies. Another duty that a marine biologist must do is record.

One thing a marine biologist must record is effect. Effects on the environment is an important thing to record. Also, a marine biologist also needs to record reactions of an experiment, such as the reactions to parasites and diseases. A marine biologist must also record the behavior as well. Besides recording effects, a marine biologist must also record the population for both plant and animal.

A marine biologist must also have an education as well. A marine biologist needs to be able to get past high school first, which takes 4 years. A marine biologist also should take extra classes in math and science. Also, a marine biologist should take extra scuba diving classes. However, a marine biologist needs a college education too. 4 years is the minimum, but 8- 10 years is acceptable. A marine biologist also needs a degree. The bachelor's...