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This advertisement is a strong promotion for the Neonatal unit, with a welcoming pink background with a soft blue colour; "All Babies Deserve a Fighting Chance"

Sensitivity to Target Market :

This promotion of the charity "Neonatal Unit" is a very sensitive advertisement to their target market readers, which are people that have had a premature baby born in their families or just people that have a conscience. It gives any reader a sense of importance that they can help these little fighters. With a quote from a mother of how the Neonatal Unit has helped her and her three children, all these plus the cute small new born baby in someone's hands in the bottom left corner gets the target market to give out a hand to help these new born children.

Marketing mix :

Product :

The use of Product in this Charity promotion is not such a product but a feeling of satisfaction that you have helped newborn babies.

Therefore Neonatal Unit is not selling a product but giving self-satisfaction back in return for the markets donation.


The price as with any donational charity is what the market can offer, the charity doesn't ask for anything or an exact amount, this welcomes a market that may not be able to afford to donate much except maybe a few dollars.


This being advertised with a phone number suggests that this is an over the phone charity, that means that the place is where ever the market wants it to be, at home, at the shops, etc... this gives the target market another reason to donate.


The promotion of this charity is a means of advertising in a magazine, with a welcoming pink background and soft blue writing, suggesting a boy and girl equality.

The statement "All Babies Deserve a Fighting Chance" is a captivating statement that introduces the reader to this charity and what is their purpose. As well as this is a full colour little cute newborn baby held in the strong hands of an adult, suggesting that the hands represent the charity and the newborn child represents all those affected by the charities help, such as all the babies they have been able to save.

Procedures :

The procedures that have been advertised in this Charity promotion are that of an easy over the phone donation campaign. This doesn't exclude anyone, gives all an easy, inexpensive way to donate to the Neonatal Unit.

Positioning :

The premises this charity is located is not given in the promotion, though a local member of the charity phone number is given, this means that the target market doesn't need to race around trying to find a shop front or similar but just has to simply pick up a phone call a number anywhere, anytime.

People :

With this charity promotion, it realise on the conscience of people as with most charities they entirely profit given to those that need. In other words this Advertisement uses of the feelings towards premature newborn babies that everyone has, their innocence, their simplicity, how small and helpless they are to get the target market to donate.

Product differentiation :

In this promotion the product differentiation that is actually charity differentiation is the statement " WHO WILL BE YOUR CHARITY OF CHOICE THIS YEAR" justifies that there is competition among the charities, and they want their target markets donation. With this advertisement they try to sway the bulk of the markets donations towards their charity.

Business ethics/social responsibility :

The social ethics / Responsibility of Neonatal Unit is to use the bulk of their funds for the better conditions and equipment for all premature newborn babies. Their responsibilities is to use all the donations to save Premature babies in all the ways possible.

Ad content and effectiveness :

The content in this advertisement is very effective in captivating the target market, with a small baby in caring hands, the pink welcoming background, the quote from a mother that has been helped by the Neonatal Unit. This all together influences the reader's feelings of personal value towards newborn children.