Marketing Managers-Job Description Descriptive essay on what a marketing manager does. Includes eductional paths, earnings, how it is expanding, advancement opportunities, etc.

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Marketing Manager

Job Description

A marketing Manager is responsible for developing concepts and campaigns to introduce consumers to a company's products or services.

Marketing a product is a very complicated procedure. A marketing manager must work with a number of departments including sales, promotion, advertising and public relations to complete a job. The marketing manager must decide the type of media that would be most effective in selling a product, company or a service. They are also responsible for deciding the types of promotions; public relations and selling techniques that would be most effective.

Other responsibilities a marketing manager may have are supervising staff, leading meetings, training sales and marketing people and attending trade shows, conferences and fairs on behalf of their company.

To become a marketing manager one must have a BA in communications, marketing, public relations, advertising, journalism, English or liberal arts. Prospective marketing managers should at least minor in business, psychology or sociology.

Skills and personality traits that are needed to be successful are creativity, aggression, motivation, communication and writing skills, ambition and the ability to research. Also experience in marketing, advertising, promotions and public relations are a plus.

This can be a very high stress job. There is a constant need to produce. A great deal of overtime is expected when projects, special events and promotions are under way and must be completed.

Job opportunities are very high because openings fro marketing managers can be located throughout North America in metropolitan and suburban areas. Also marketing has expanding opportunities for the 21st century. Nearly every mid sized to large company has a marketing department and therefore requires the services of a marketing manager.

The most common career advancement path is for marketing managers to locate themselves in a larger more prestigious company or organization where...