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Abstract In this paper I will define what a good marketing mix requires and describe how a company uses this process to market their product. I have chosen Anytime Fitness as my company to do my paper on. Anytime Fitness is a unique style of fitness club that is in a very competitive market place. Their marketing mix focuses on all of the four P's to attract customers. They locate small neighborhood clubs close to where people live and work. They are a no frills workout center that offers weights and cardio equipment. This allows people with busy lifestyles to workout whenever they have time. Anytime Fitness also offers a very good pricing plan for individuals and families.

Marketing MixEven with the economy that appears to be slowing down some business are still growing. With people wanting to lose weight and get in shape some fitness clubs are still expanding.

The low cost approach that Anytime Fitness has may be a big reason for their continuing growth. With a good marketing mix Anytime Fitness is a fast growing business. They have tailor made their fitness clubs with the busy person in mind. Anytime Fitness offers small workout centers within three miles of most of their customer's homes or work. I will show in this paper what different type of marketing mix Anytime Fitness uses to be a leader in market.

DefinitionA good marketing mix includes four main points. These are considered the four P's of marketing. Product is the first item; this can be an actual product or a service. Other things that are considered part of the product are the quality, style, and even packaging. The next item is price decision. This includes pricing strategy, suggested retail price, volume discounting and wholesale price. There could be other items included...