Marketing plan for Seagames 2005.

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1.0 Executive Summary

Sports is not just an entertainment, it enriches not only the fan, but the Filipino community as well.

Being the host of the biennial event, which take turns among South East Asian countries in years, I do find a lot of opportunities for us not just to make money out of this event, to make the Philippines popular to the world, but at the same time unite the whole nation as one. With the theme: One Flag, One Nation, United at... The SEA games, we will have an artistically designed, event logo, which would be chosen from entries sent from a LOGO design contest open to amateur and professionals. Then gifts and souvenirs item/merchandise (such as mugs, caps, sports bags, bookmark, visors, shirts, lamps, throw pillows, letter opener, can opener, umbrellas, sunglasses, notebooks, notepads, cups and saucers, plates, baseball caps, pens, hats, ID straps, stickers, towels, pen holder, wind chime, key chains, puzzles, pencils, pencil cases, cigarette holder, bracelets, rings, pouches, watches, clocks, etc...

etc...) will have this logo attached to it artistically. We'll set up booth in different places, tie-ups with souvenir shops and gift stores in hotels and malls nationwide.

We will also be playing catchy jingle over the radio months before the event also chosen from the jingle-making contest.

2.0 Situation Analysis

With the advent of the SEA Games fast approaching, we badly need all the help and support from both private and government agencies to make this a successful one. With 11 months left for preparation, without a mascot, the venues, and the jingle finals yet, we really have to double time.

As of November 18, 2004, 34 sports were finalized to be included in next year's SEA games. And these are:

Aquatic Canoeing Karatedo Wrestling

Arnis Chess Pencak Silat Wushu...