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MKTG 4753 Journal Article Summary and Critique #2 11/26/01 Article: Correlates of Conformity in the Consumption of Illicit Drugs and Alcohol Authors: William O. Bearden, Randall L. Rose, Jesse E. Teel Source: Journal of Business and Research 30, 25-31 (1994) Summary The major problem facing the research that correlates to the conformity in consumption of illicit drugs and alcohol is the fact that the explanation of the determinants of the social norms and the influences it as on the young people in society. Although, the studies for young adults and adolescents has been vastly researched. And there, as been a copious amount of papers written on the subject. There are no papers or research done in the area of the nature of the referents. Also the was no cognitive process on determining weather or not there had been pressures caused by the norms of society that caused the young people or adolescents to start using drugs and alcohol.

Major Findings While there does seem to be a problem with the fact that with family members, Friends, and other peers both encourage and discourage the use of drug and alcohol. They also discovered that normal attributions are external and situational and may not affect the group themselves but may affect the people outside the group looking in. The personal attributes one may have may cause them to look at the group and determine that the have different values or attitudes and personality. The fact that the group may look at social pressures to use drugs less favorably than that of using them because of personal reason.

Methodology There was data collect to test the correlations between the conformity of consuming drugs and alcohol. The data collect was based on college and high school students. The data consisted of asking spilt comparisons...