"The Mask" by Dean Koontz.

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This book, The Mask, is an excellent thriller about a young couple who want to adopt a child. They are both "overachievers," have gotten very far in life for their age, and lead a perfectly normal life. This is their story on their struggle to gain a child and yet, at the same time, identify their previous lives.

This story is told in the third person omniscient point of view, so there are a few main characters. The first main, or round, character is Carol. She is a younger woman in her early 30's, very successful career, scientific, and level-headed. She doesn't believe in things like ghosts or reincarnation. She is also a therapist. She helps teenagers with their problems at home, which was what she was when she was a teenager. In fact, her therapist who helped her get back on her feet was Gracie, another round character.

Carol was a troubled rebellious teen, who had had put a child up for adoption already by the age of 17. She was cold, rejecting, and bitter, and Grace fed her love and care and thus, brought Carol back on to her feet and a successful bright future to look forward to. Now, to my third round character, Carol's husband, Paul. Paul is a writer and also very level-headed and an overachiever. In fact, all three of these people are scientific and logical, don't believe in reincarnation, poltergeists, or anything of that sort. Paul loves his wife dearly and is also a young, healthy, happy person. Now, this last character is a bit tricky to describe. Her name is unknown to her for she is in a constant state of amnesia. However, she calls herself Jane Doe and is a very sweet obedient teenager. Those are all of the round...