Maturity And Society

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Buss and Barnes, 1986 claim that we are likely to marry someone who is similar to us. I agree with the authors' concept because I am going through a similar experience. I think that most people search for others with similar characteristics, most important of which are age, education, race, religion and background. Establishing a family is an important goal that everyone wants to achieve by choosing the ideal spouse according to his or her desire.

Lauer and Lauer, 1985 claim that what matters in maintaining a marriage is primary liking one's spouse as a friend, agreeing on goals, and having a mutual concern for making the marriage work. I agree with them because a marriage is like a company where each partner has to perform a specific task, but each on is focusing on the same goal, which is keeping the company working and getting the best benefits.

Thus, a marriage has to work as a company where spouses have to be mates and friends agreeing and focusing on goals that make the marriage work.

Beckman and Houser, 1982, and Keith, 1983 acknowledge that choosing not to have children is basically selfish, irresponsible, and immoral. I disagree because people have free will to choose whether or not to have children; moreover, having children is not as easy as baying a pet. Children are bio-psycho-social beings, and they have many needs including, but not limited to financial, emotional, psychological, and social. A parent must be ready, willing and able to provide for these needs.

In conclusion, I think that most people have the tendency to choose everything that is compatible with their interests and convenient for their lifestyle; therefore, everyone has free will to choose their convenient spouse as well as a marriage has the freedom to have or not children; furthermore, parenthood is not enough sign of adulthood because when a marriage want to have children, they also have to be sure what they are bringing to society.