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The dichotomy that 'people are same people are diferent' is subject to criticism.This is because in any workplace there are people of different age, sex, religion, gender, natonality, culture among others.This then brings much questions on those that support the idea that people are the same.Although people may be the same in a certain category for example race, it is impossible for people to be same throughout.This therefore supports those who say people are different. Managing diversity is very crucial if an organisation wants to attain a better level of achievement as well as boosting their morale. If an organisation wants to manage diversity it has to observe legal and policy requirements and promoting community and comfort with difference, thus to a greater extend people are different and to a lesser extent they are the same.

Workplace diversity has been defined by business dictionary as the feature of a mixed workforce that provides a wide range of abilities, experience, knowledge and strengths due to its heterogeneity in age, background, ethnicity, physical abilities, political and religious beliefs, sex and other attributes.

It has also been defined by the University of California Chancellor's committee on Diversity as the variety of experiences and perspectives which arise from the difference in race , culture ,religion ,mental or physical abilities, heritage ,age ,gender, sexual orientation ,gender identity among others .From the above definitions it is clear that workplace diversity refers to the characteristics that make people different from each other at a work place. It is rare to find people being same throughout that is their marital status, age sex among others.

According to Jackson et al (1992) , the fist step in managing a diverse workforce is to value diversity .The value of gender and race have been evident throughout...