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Essay by Dhrupad July 2006

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The recent changes I have made as a student could possibly be a fluke but, slowly I plan to keep it the way I want it to be. Of course why am I making these changes now, where I could have just stayed the way I was in high school. College is different, there's no popular man or class clown or in my case all my friends went to another school so, I have no one to talk to here at Fullerton College. Why am I working so hard now and not being the class clown? I want to succeed in life and I want to do it now, so I don't plan on wasting my time to look funny and cool. Just recently I wanted to become a teacher. I want to teach kids and tell them not to fall in the same situation like I did.

Up until now, I slacked off in school and I always did something on the side to make my teacher happy and eventually raise my grade up.

I would do videos for them. Like wedding anniversaries, birthday videos, and other special videos. I rarely did my work. I also was rarely up for class. For 4 years I was focused on other things like: friends, girlfriends, baseball, work, football, the video yearbook, and of course church.

I was also known as a class clown. I gave your usual smart ass remarks, give the substitute teacher a hard time, talk to friends, and tell the teacher that I need to use the restroom and leave for 30 minutes. I was well known by everyone at my school. I was one of the big guys on campus. I was the guy who kiss up or begs for a C to a teacher. I...