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This presentation of the play is only for the true lover of drama. Medea cried and moaned with female angst for 90% of the play. The rest of the actors were the only thing that saved the play. The single stage leaves much to be desired and is not very entertaining. The language had a heavy accent that caused me to miss about every third word. The costumes were accurate for a Greek play and only focusing on three characters at a time made it feel like a Greek representation of the play.

The structure of the play was only focusing on three characters at a time and only having one stage set. The stage is boring and unchanging and makes you keep focus on the actors. This is a story about death, sorrow, jealousy, and a woman's madness. It really takes a love of drama to appreciate this play.

The main characters are Medea and Jason. Medea the protagonist is tormented by a mad jealousy and her character is shown in a wide range of emotions. Once you get past the wailing you can see anger, shock, and finally grief. The children of Medea and Jason are played as naïve, ignorant, little children. The wet nurse is played by an old hag that tells a few insignificant stories about life. The speech of Medea was fairly rhythmic and direct. At times, it was nearly impossible to understand her odd accent. A completely melodramatic accent was very difficult to become accustomed to. The other characters kept a regular tone and used very normal speech.

The music was a little bit of chanting and some very basic drum beats. The beats would attempt to rise to a crescendo but couldn't overcome the moaning of Medea...