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3. In your opinion, do you think the media is ethical? Please provide examples and list three major changes that would improve the current ethical situation.

The question shouldn’t be, “Do you think the media is ethical?” The question should be, “Do you think people are ethical?” I really don’t think that the people behind the masks of the media are any more unethical that the average Joe. Sure, the media has been in the hot seat for being unethical for a number of years about a number of things, but that’s because the media is made up of human beings. People working in the media have guidelines, and are advised to follow a certain cote of ethics. However -- you can give anyone a set of rules and guidelines, but I really think that is always falls back on a person’s own set of morals they have for their everyday life.

With that said, there are still several things that could help improve the current ethical situation. First things first, I think it is important for a reporter to be willing to admit when they have made a mistake. Pointing fingers won’t get you anywhere and the people in charge should reward their staff when the come forward and admit that they were wrong. This way, you are more apt to be trusted and respected by co-workers, authority figures, and the readers or viewers. This is where making corrections comes into play. News sources need to make as many corrections as possible when they make mistakes. Radio, television, and Internet news sources hardly ever make corrections, and print doesn’t do it as much as they probably should.

But, the media shouldn’t be the only ones held responsible for improving the ethical situation. The public has a responsibility themselves. The...