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Why does the media have such an influence on today's society? Are people really as shallow as they are on talk shows? In some cases yes, but in other cases people have better morals for themselves. Why do people subject themselves to humiliation? Is it because they like the attention or do they really have problems?

There are so many different talk shows out today. We have the daytime talk shows and also the late night talk shows. Those two categories can be divided even more specific. There are the one's that degrade people by talking about personal issues, for example: Jerry Springer. Also the shows that help people through tough times, like Montell Williams, Ricki Lake, Jenny Jones, and Oprah. But my favorite of them all are the shows that interview the latest stars, like Regis and Kelly, Rosie O'Donnell, Jay Leno, and David Letterman. These shows do not humiliate the average person by bringing them onto their show just to entertain the viewing audience.

First, talk shows that give off a positive influence are in my opinion the best out today. The two shows Regis and Kelly and Rosie O'Donnell prove that. The setting of the shows is where it all begins. Both shows give off the close, intimate, family surrounding. This makes it much easier to watch and enjoy. If the back round were dull or obnoxious, people would not want to watch anymore. The hosts of the shows sit with the guests on stage. It makes the interviewing feel more personal and as if they care about what they are doing. If they were walking around through the audience the effect would not be the same.

Second, the use of humor through out the show makes people watch. The average person enjoys a little...