Media Violence And How It Affects Us.

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A 10 to 12 year old boy is coming home from school. He steps off the bus and runs to the Television to watch his favorite action television show. No matter how many times his parents tell him not to watch the show he watches it any way. The whole theme in this show is a renegade taking out the bad guys by brutal measures. This kid after the show goes off and begins his homework and acts like any other human being. You might have thought that i was going to say he goes out and becomes recklessly violent ending up hurting him self or someone else. Thats the thing, all the tests that have been administered never told you the whole truth about their studies about the way children become after watching certain shows, only what the y want you to hear. It is true that if a child watches a television show he becomes violent, but according to the November 23rd 2000 issue of Rolling Stone "kids are more violent after watching shows like Mr. Rogers neighborhood." Does that mean we should keep our kids from watching television all together. I think not. It's not the television the affects us, it's us that affect the things we watch. When my Dad was little shows with Hopa-long Cassidy, Roy Rogers, and Gene Autry were popular. But now we want to see gore, blood and guts. It's not Hollywood who desensitized us, no, we desensitized Hollywood. If a movie doesn't have what the people want, people don't watch that movie.

But the movies of today are more realistic than back in the day. It can tell children that if the good guy gets shot he bleeds and could die. Back in the day the good guy...