Media Violence Exposure in Aggressive and Control Adolescents: Differences in self- and parent-Reported Exposure to Violence on Television and in video games

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The Purpose of study is to investigate differences in media violence exposure between groups of adolescents with and without Disruptive behavior disorder with aggressive features. The Study that was used was case controlled design and multi method assessment. The studies that were done previously was samples of 27 adolescent ages 13 and 17 with Disruptive behavior disorder with aggressive features and 27 age gender IQ matched controls completed a semi structured interview about exposure to violence on television and video games. The result show that adolescents and parents agree about the adolescent's level of media violence exposure, that exposure to violence on TV tends to be accompanied be exposure to violence in video games, and the between media violence exposure and Disruptive behavior disorder with aggressive feature is not dude to a spurious effect of gender IQ.

First of all the purpose of present study was to investigate the difference in exposure to media violence between groups of adolescents with and without a history of aggressive and disruptive behavior.

After doing experimental studies of exposure to violent television and video games have short term increase in aggressive behavior in children and adolescent. After doing correlation studies of video games violence exposure they found significant positive relationship with aggression in children and adolescents. "There are good reason, such as the participant nature of video-games playing as compared to the more passive nature of viewing television, to hypothesize that vide game violence exposure maybe more strongly related to aggressive behavior then television exposure. (Dill and Dill, 1998") Although one early studies done by slivern and Williamson, 1987 found no difference between the impact of video games and television on short term aggressive behavior in children. There were different correlations studies and case controlled design was done in this research for...