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A general litigation practice

Hello and welcome to Dixon and Wilson. At Dixon and Wilson we maintain a General litigation practice. The is Memo:

The Law

The hiring partner, Wilson, wants to ensure that the hired paralegals have a general understanding of the law -- what it really is and what it really does. Wilson, therefore, wants the first section of the memorandum to include a brief overview of the law, especially as it pertains to a paralegal's work. The firm practices in both federal court and state court, so the memorandum should cover distinctions between the federal and state systems as well as differences among types of law. There should be a brief description of different courts and their respective functions. Jurisdiction and other important concerns of the litigation process should also be addressed.

Being a Paralegal

The second section of the memorandum should address another important aspect of the paralegal's work: the scope of the paralegal's responsibility and the firm's expectations in terms of professionalism, certification, and licensing.

Dixon and Wilson operates in a licensing and unified bar state, so the pertinent requirements should be made clear. Basic functions such as client intake, correspondence with clients, professional telephone and personal interaction, and specific responsibilities should also be discussed. In addition, ethical considerations, including the constantly challenging issue of unauthorized practice of law (UPL), should be clearly and fully addressed.


The third section should briefly outline the research obligations of the paralegal. The firm has all electronic and hard copy resource materials available onsite through its library. Details regarding the specific location of the local law library and the advantages and disadvantages of primary and secondary source materials should be mentioned.


The fourth and final section should consist of a personal impression statement in which...