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It was a serene morning. The birds were chirping and dancing through the broad oak tree that stood tall outside my bedroom window. I opened my eyes and they were blinded by the dazzling sun that was shining through the glass, creating a shadow on the wall due to the blinds that were slightly open. I could smell the delicious cooking of hot buttery pancakes sitting in the metal pan on the stove, while I was lying in my warm comfy bed. I immediately sprang from underneath my blankets and got dressed at the speed of lightening. It was my favorite outfit - denim pair of pants with a detailed pink flower on the left pocket, which I had matched with a v-neck pink tee shirt and my pair of pink high top sneakers as well.

I sprinted down the stairs and into the kitchen where I see my mother sitting at the table with my sister.

I grab a plate of pancakes and start munching on my food. Sitting at the long almond table, my mother had informed me that my Uncle Hughie was going to take me to the mall to see a movie with my cousins, Jesse and Lauren. Trips to the mall were my favorite especially when I would get treats whether it would be a new toy, ice cream cone, or going to the movies, I'd always get something. Oh, was I in for a surprise this time.

As I finished eating, the telephone rang. I hastened to answer it for I knew it was going to be my Uncle Hughie. He told me the news and informed me to be ready to leave at one o'clock in the afternoon. I was so eager to go to the movies and to find out that we...